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*Dodge / Jeep Speedometer Gears, Long Shaft

$ 39.00

Dodge Long Shaft Speedometer Gears.

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#12DG2. Early type with long shaft, used with 1966 up cable driven speedometers. (Also fits Dana 300 Jeep transfer case, except early type with screw-in speedometer housing.)

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This chart is accurate for tire size, not actual tire measurement. The actual measurement will be less.

Dodge / Jeep Speedometer Gears

Many tire makers build their tires differently, so a 35-inch tire from one company to another may vary as much as a full inch. The short shaft gears are for an electronic speedometer and the long shaft gears are for a cable driven speedometer. This is true most of the time, not always.

The index mark always goes straight down according to the tooth count.

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